Hello and welcome to Year 7, the beginning of a new era in your education. Here in Year 7 we have a close family-like bond and we are passionate about our school.

There are so many opportunities in Year 7.  Pupils and staff experience a wide range of activities, designed to enhance social and personal development, whilst having fun and learning new skills.

There is also a vast range of extra-curricular clubs that all pupils are able to get involved in. These range from designing rollercoasters to music and drama clubs, science clubs and a huge array of sporting clubs. We compete regularly against other schools in Macclesfield and South Cheshire for Dance, Sport and Design Technology competitions. We also have leadership opportunities in Year 7. You can become one of our student ambassadors or a sports captain. A great start to your high school journey!

Mrs J. Andrews

Values and Ethos


Believe in success


At Eaton Bank Academy each child maximises their potential within a supportive and caring environment.


  • To have high expectations and enable everyone to achieve success.
  • To celebrate high quality learning experiences in all areas of school life.
  • To be at the heart of the community and prepare everyone fully for their future lives.

Our Core Values

Our values stem from our motto ‘Believe in Success’.  We expect all members of Eaton Bank Academy to embody these values at all times.  Our core values are:

How do we demonstrate our values across the school?

  • We focus meticulously on the quality of education provided by pursuing excellence and by sustaining a culture that enables students and staff to excel.
  • We ensure that all relationships are based on our core values: respect, kindness, ambition, optimism and honesty. Clearly stated standards of behaviour are to be upheld by all.
  • We celebrate our differences and show respect for our community. Students understand and develop their role as active and responsible citizens and are equipped with the skills to challenge discrimination.
  • We are committed to delivering a broad, balanced and knowledge rich curriculum to enable all students to achieve their best and be well equipped for the future.
  • We use highly effective systems to support the safeguarding and well-being of students and staff. The environment will remain constantly calm, safe and orderly.
  • We celebrate success at all levels. Students are encouraged to apply a positive mindset to both their academic progress and personal development.

Eaton Bank Academy actively promotes the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those of different race, faiths and beliefs.

Useful Information and Contacts

What can you do to support your progress?

Throughout Year 7 you will be completing student-led learning, as part of your homework, to support your progress at school. This is additional learning that you can complete at home to consolidate both the skills and content you will need at KS3 and beyond. The expectation is a minimum of 45 minutes per week. This presentation contains information for each subject of what you can do to benefit your learning and progress. This will also prepare you for the revision, independent learning and reflection skills you will need as you progress through the school.

The Process: Info for Parents

Students will use this resource presentation to complete student-led learning on a weekly basis throughout Year 7. Mrs Andrews, Form Tutors and the students themselves will set ‘focus subjects’ to inform which subjects to prioritise. Students will also be given a folder to put any completed work in and a booklet to track their progress. Every week students will be expected to spend a minimum of 45 minutes on student-led learning as part of their homework. Every week students will then spend time in core reflecting on their learning and progress and setting targets for the next week.

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