School News

Last Thursday saw another fantastic Cross Country event with a whopping 218 runners from Years 3 and 4.

In the girls event there was a 1st for B Bailey, Buglawton, 2nd for A Winstanley, Mossley and 3rd for M Wood, Marton. In the boys event there was a 1st for L Hulme, Mossley, 2nd for L Rusowicz, Mossley, and 3rd for R Nightingale, Mossley. With overall winners being Mossley! Well done to all the students who ran.

A huge thank you to our sports leaders and to the primary school staff that have scored, handed out tickets, brought students, and supported the event.

Thank you to E Dixon and M Wood for being the hare in the girls and the boys race.

Thank you to our Eaton Bank Academy staff and the Sixth Formers who organised the car parking for a much smoother start!