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Students in Year 9 start their year in their GCSE groups.  Working at this level, and in subjects they have chosen has an extremely positive effect on the attitude and motivation of our learners.  In order to maintain that energy, we have a strong tutor support network to guide our students through this first phase of GCSE study.  Parental involvement is of immense value to our students’ on-going progress, and we would like to invite you and your child to attend our “Year 9 Information Evening” in the autumn term to share information on core subjects, our school expectations and ways to support your child from home.

Students in Year 9 continue to be encouraged to develop positive behaviours for learning through the use of a range of lunchtime homework clubs and the use of personal planners as a means of managing their own time.  We also offer every student a rich variety of extra-curricular opportunities in which to get involved. These include sport, drama, dance, service to the community, and participation in school visits in the UK and abroad as well as numerous subject specific events.

Our aim is to provide a year of stimulating and exciting learning, whilst developing the skills and competencies that will lead your child to become a confident and resilient learner and member of our community.

Ms L Brindley

Please find below key contact information for our Year 9 team.

Learning and Progress Manager for Year 9: Mrs L Brindley (

Year 9 Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Wardle (

Please see the resources at the foot of this page, which include the homework timetable and the GCSE options available (NB. These options can change each year)

            9DMA Mr D Margolan
            9HHA Mrs H Hampton/Mr M Horner
            9LNE Mrs L Neil
            9PLE Mrs P Leese/Mrs L Hawthorn/Mrs E Stone
            9SAB Mr S Abdullatif
            9SMO Mrs S Mottershead/ Ms J Greene

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