Eaton Bank Academy

Students in Year 8 look forward to an exciting and busy year.  Particular attention continues to be paid to the vital elements of learning – literacy and numeracy – and teachers from all subjects are on hand to support your child in these areas.

Of course, Year 8 is the time when our students really examine the subjects in the curriculum with a view to selecting their GCSE options in the spring term.  A comprehensive programme of support is in place to enable students to be confident in their choices. This includes special assemblies, the Year 8 Options Evening and detailed discussions with members of staff.

Students in Year 8 continue to be encouraged to develop positive behaviours for learning through the use of a range of lunchtime homework clubs and the use of planners as a means of learning their own time management.  We also offer every student a rich variety of extra-curricular opportunities in which to get involved. These include sport, drama, dance, service to the community, and participation in school visits in the UK and abroad as well as numerous subject specific events.

Ms L Brindley

Please find below key contact information for our Year 8 team.

Learning and Progress Manager for Year 8: Mrs L Brindley (

Year 8 Pastoral Manager: Mrs D Wardle (

  • Please see the resources at the foot of this page, which include the homework timetable and Year 8 course option information
            8DWA Mr D Washington
            8EHA Miss E Hayward
            8GEA Miss G Eaton
            8JCO Mr J Conheeney
            8LWA Miss L Ward
            8RDA Mrs R Day/Mrs E Stone