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Year 10 is the consolidation year bringing together on-going progress for each student, taking them through a learning and progress journey on into Year 11. Skills & competences learned in Year 9 will continue to develop throughout Year 10 enabling every student to become more independent motivated learners ready for the ‘final push’ in Year 11.

Year 10 is the stage where students will be introduced to careers opportunities, career interview discussions and practice interview techniques. Students will be introduced to ‘life in 6th Form’ and take opportunity to visit the Academies 6th form to get a sample experience of education after GCSE.

We introduce an additional opportunity for students to study something exciting and personal via our extracurricular afternoon course called EBX. Students here may opt to study from a range of courses extra to the main GCSE courses and some students may opt to carry out work experience during this time.

Sport, subject events, service to the community and participation in school visits enhancing progression are continued elements during Year 10.

Parental involvement is very much welcomed and encouraged and as Learning and Progress Manager I will be inviting Parents and students to a Parents Information Evening early in the Autumn term to talk further about out student life and expectations during Year 10.

Throughout Year 10 our aim is to encourage, inspire and support students, and enable them to become mature, confident and ambitious learners in order that they achieve the very best success in preparation for Year 11 and onwards into their future routes of education.

Mrs R Callister

Please find below contact details for our Year 10 team

Learning and Progress Manager: Mrs S Knott (

Year 10 Pastoral Manager: Mrs J Bent (

            10CEV Mrs C Evans/Mrs L Hawthorn
            10LFO Miss L Foreman
            10LWI Miss L Williams
            10MRO Mr M Roberts
            10SCO Mrs S Cooper

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Exam Revision Resources


Link to PiXL website where students can login and complete work for all GCSE subjects –!/login

Art and Design


Business Studies

  • BBC Bitesize Business Studies pages.
  • All Year 11 Business students have a CGP revision aid book

Computer Science




English Language

English Literature 







Command words

Exam questions

Key words

Revision guide

Product Design

  • GCSE Revision Guide – Amazon £5.95 (used books available for much cheaper). Try  other sites. We do not have this book at school as it is the last year.
  • BBC GCSE Bitesize – Design Technology
  • AQA GCSE Product Design – Past Papers & Mark Schemes
  • GCSE- Revision Design Technology



  • Dual Award Science Revision Book
    (All Year 11 should have already purchased through school)

Triple Science Books (All students should have purchased through school)

Students may wish to purchase packs of mock papers

Links to useful websites:

As well as….