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Welcome to 2021

New Year, New Career Related Opportunities

Cheshire and Warrington Pledge – Industry Insights are a series of sector-specific virtual workshops and webinars for young people in Cheshire & Warrington. For the complete list of Insight events visit

Tuesday 2 February 5 – 7pm Construction Insight event – So you think Construction is just bricks and mortar? Find out more about all the different roles in the industry including the professional services such as: architecture, site management, quantity surveying, HR, legal, IT, finance, BIM technical, drone pilot as well as civil engineering, trades bricklaying, plumbing, plastering and scaffolding and more. This is a fantastic opportunity to speak directly to employers and training providers to find out how you can enter this growing industry.

‘New Year New Start’ Job Fair The Pledge has partnered with the Job Centre Plus and is presenting a ‘New Year New Start’ digital Job Fair Event on Wednesday 27th January at 11.00am. An opportunity to explore employment options and choices if you are looking for your first job, a new job or change of career direction – Register at

Barclays Apprenticeship Career Sessions (North West England) Barclays are hosting a series of virtual career sessions to provide more information for young people and their families about Apprenticeships at Barclays and our diversity networks. Spaces are limited so please register your attendance as soon as possible.

Monday 1 February 2021, 17:00-18:00, Women in Banking/Apprenticeships

Tuesday 2 February 2021, 17:00-18:00, LGBTQ+/Apprenticeships

Wednesday 3 February 2021, 1700:1800, Multi-Culture/Apprenticeships

Thursday 4 February 2021, 1700:1800, Disability, Mental-Health, Neurodiversity/Apprenticeships

Friday 5 February, 1700:1800, Apprenticeships

5.2.21 Apprenticeship Week (8 – 14 February 2021) – more information to follow.

Eaton Bank Academy Careers Programme and Information

The main aim of careers education at Eaton Bank Academy is to equip students to be able to make the best decisions for their future careers.  This includes:

To inform and educate students about the range of different opportunities and careers paths available in the current labour market, including Further and Higher Education options and apprenticeships.

To provide students with experiences from the world of work, for example opportunities to meet and learn from employers in school, or trips to universities and work places so students can explore their skills,  interests and abilities, and develop those ready for the workplace.

To support and guide students to make the right choices for their future by providing careers interviews and advice.

The Careers Programme

The majority of careers education occurs during the PSHE programme and ‘off timetable’ days. We do however also have careers input through assemblies, trips and visits, competitions, small group talks and seminars and integrated into the curriculum.  Leadership opportunities such as the ambassador programme support students with the opportunities and experiences to develop key work related skills, such as leadership and team building.

We regularly have outside providers coming into school to present to students and deliver these sessions.  In recent years we have had Siemens, Barclays, Bentley, Lloyds Bank, Young Enterprise, Flowcrete, Vauxhall, the Armed Forces visiting school to offer careers and work related themed sessions to our students. We would welcome requests from providers to visit us (see EBA Careers Provider Access Policy) and the attached letter requesting support from parents, alumni and friends and members of the wider EBA school community.

Below is the fixed Careers Programme which forms the core careers experience for our students.

Year 11 September

CV preparation and interview skills session


Apprenticeship Conference:

A half day conference learning about apprenticeships and meeting

December Careers Carousel session:

Students meet a variety of people who explain their career paths and current occupations

Delivered by various providers


Careers Fayre:

Macclesfield Town Hall:

An opportunity for students to meet local regional and national employers



Mock Interviews Session:

Students are interviewed for an imaginary Saturday job

Delivered by various providers

Formal Interview with independent careers advisor

Dr Anne Rowe: during year 11

Year 10 December

CV preparation and interview skills session:

Delivered by


Job Centre

Work experience:

(optional voluntary)

Ongoing throughout year self-placed

eCLIPS website lesson :students explore the careers website


Finance session:

Managing money

Delivered by

Carole Penney : the Money Charity

Year 9 July

Encounter with a workplace session:

Outside providers support our students in a range of leadership and problem solving activities

Delivered by Vauxhall

Year 8 January

Options session:

Students explore options and link those to future careers

Delivered by Young Enterprise

‘ Icould ‘session: students explore the website and test themselves for suitability for careers


Finance session:

Managing money

Year 7 October

Guess My Career session:

Students meet mystery guests and guess their careers.

Delivered by outside providers

All About Me session:Students explore their interests, skills and abilities

Charity ExperienceFundraising :BHF ‘skipathon’




The Careers Team

Mrs S. Bailey

Careers Officer

Organises work experience placements

Organises careers interviews with Dr Rowe

Organises work related activities/speakers/events

Tweets career vacancies
Mrs S. Gurbuz

Head of Careers Education

Plans careers in the  curriculum and specific events
Dr A. Rowe

Changing Education

Independent careers advisor ; provides formal interview for students during yr11 Changing Education –

contact through school

Preparing For Your Careers Interview yr11

A formal careers interview with an independent careers advisor supports the statutory requirements of careers education in schools.  Students will be given one interview in yr11 and may request a follow up one in yr12 or 13, if required.

Parents may request to attend the interview and should contact the school before hand to make arrangements.

Students should prepare for the interview to get the best out of it by completing their CV, and broadly researching possible career paths and choices, for example with the eCLIPS website.  This will make the interview more focussed.

The school subscribes to the eCLIPS website to support students with careers choices.    This is free of charge. It is a ‘one stop careers shop’ which as information on careers and subject choices, labour market statistics, current live vacancies and requirements. www.eclips–    password : CW12 1NT ( our school postcode). Other websites available are:           ( government websites )

Where to Find Information about Careers at EBA, such as Vacancies and Events

For students :

  • Form tutor notices
  • Careers board outside the LRC
  • Careers Library within the LRC including university prospectuses and information
  • Ask the team

For parents and students :

  • Vacancies are ‘tweeted’ on the website
  • Website pages
  • eCLIPS online

For providers :

  • Website pages

See Career Provider Access Policy

How we assess and measure impact.

We are using the nationally recognised and government endorsed Career Gatsy Benchmarks as a framework of good practice. ( all schools need to be achieving these by 2020)  We are using the benchmarks as our criteria to assess and measurement our impact. On top of this on a school specific level we have our own identified priorities based on the data we collect and are given eg student backgrounds, special needs and we also have student voice, parental feedback, feedback from outside providers to further inform our objectives and priorities.

Next review date



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Useful Links to RAF adverts and short films on Youtube:

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