School News

The Year 12 and Year 13 Tutor Review Evening will be held remotely on Thursday 21st October, therefore you and your child will need to access the meeting via Teams. If you are unable to attend, please contact your child’s form tutor.

To access the meeting, you will need to click on the correct form tutor link below. Please ensure you are logged onto Teams approximately five minutes prior to your appointment time. Please click ‘join the meeting’ and you will be placed in a ‘lobby’ waiting area. From here the tutor will invite you into the meeting in turn.

Please ensure you use an adult email account to access TEAMS. This is to allow us to use the cameras so that we can see parents/carers and parents/carers can see the staff. If you use a student account, the cameras will automatically be disabled but we will be able to hear you with the microphone on. When you sign in please could you use your child’s name as the contact so that the tutor knows who to invite in. If you already use Teams for work purposes, you may not be able to change the log in detail, but tutors will also have a list of parent emails.

Please click the links below for the relevant tutor meeting:

Miss Wilson
Miss Stone
Mrs Cooper
Mr Roberts
Mr Pearson
Mr McNulty