Eaton Bank Academy

Words of the Week – 12th March


Words of the week:

  • novice (n). a beginner, someone without training or experience (Because we were all novices at archery, our instructor decided to begin with the basics).
  • nuance (n). a slight variation in meaning, tone, expression (The nuances of the poem were not obvious to the casual reader, but the teacher was able to point them out).
  • oblivious (adj). lacking consciousness or awareness of something (Oblivious to the burning smell emanating from the kitchen, my father did not notice that the rolls in the oven were burned until much too late).

Vocabulary Challenge

Try to use the words of the week in as many lessons as you can!

Words of the Week:


1.Writing the words in your planner and using the look/cover/write/check method to learn the spellings

2. Putting the words into 5 of your own sentences.

3. Writing a list of as many synonyms as you can think of for the words selected



Congratulations to our top ten students on our Spring Terms Leader Board and to 10CEV, 10CAN and 10VSH.