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Words of the Week – 9th July


These words are all taken from a recent article in ‘The Guardian,’ about Dele Alli’s performance in the World Cup –  have a look here 

Revelatory(adjective) revealing something hitherto unknown.

“Lingard’s form under Southgate has been revelatory, more than justifying the trust placed in him.”

Infiltrate: (verb) to enter or gain access to (an organization, place, etc.) surreptitiously and gradually, especially in order to acquire secret information.

“Sterling still looks uncertain in front of goal but he spread panic in Samara, where Sweden were permanently alarmed he might infiltrate their backline and dart in behind.”

Bolstered:  (verb) support or strengthen.

He will be bolstered by this display. This, at last, feels like his stage.”


Vocabulary Challenge

Try to use the words of the week in as many lessons as you can!

Words of the Week:


1.Writing the words in your planner and using the look/cover/write/check method to learn the spellings

2. Putting the words into 5 of your own sentences.

3. Writing a list of as many synonyms as you can think of for the words selected