Eaton Bank Academy

Words of the Week – 18th June


Words of the week:

  • Aberration – Messi’s missed penalty was an aberration and meant Iceland managed to draw their first ever world cup match!
  • Impeccable – In Portugal’s match against Spain, Ronaldo’s performance was impeccable, scoring a hat-trick that meant it ended as 3-3.
  • Serendipity – After their loss against Uruguay, Mo Salah and his team mates will be hoping for more serendipity when they play Russia on Tuesday.

Vocabulary Challenge

Try to use the words of the week in as many lessons as you can!

Words of the Week:


1.Writing the words in your planner and using the look/cover/write/check method to learn the spellings

2. Putting the words into 5 of your own sentences.

3. Writing a list of as many synonyms as you can think of for the words selected