Eaton Bank Academy

University Science Trip


Year 12 chemistry students have enjoyed a day at the University of Manchester’s Chemistry department where they made an organic chemical then analysed it using the department’s analytical equipment.  Students were able to experience what working in an undergraduate laboratory is like and then they got to run Infra-red and NMR spectra on the chemical they had made.

Dr Longshaw, Head of Science commented “The purpose of the day is not only to give the students the chance to see the techniques they learn about at A-level, in operation; but also to give them a taste of working in a world-class university environment”.

The trip was well received by students, with Year 12 Sarah Weatherby stating “I found the day really interesting and it has developed my understanding of the different types of spectrum analysis. It also gave me a good idea as to what chemistry at university would be like”

Emily Cotterill added, “The trip not only gave me understanding of how the chemistry can be applied to real life, but a good idea of what life studying chemistry would be like”