Eaton Bank Academy

Uncover Copper Competition


Good luck to our Year 8 students who have entered a competition to design a poster about copper.  The posters demonstrate the students’ understanding of the use of copper in building services, health and medicine or renewable energy.  The posters also have to have a clear and creative layout that makes the poster easy and fun to read. The competition is run by the Association of Science Education (ASE) and the winning student will win £100 for themselves and £500 for their school!

Well done to the following students for their fantastic posters; Amy Page, Sam Brunt, Abbie Bowden, Eleanor Whitehurst, Demi Smith, Lottie Pottinger, Cerys Malkin, Lily Payton, Emily Simpson, Lily Ashworth, Laura Mills, Isabel Waltho and Dominic Kennington.