Eaton Bank Academy

The Golden Ratio


Students in 7X1 ended their first half term with an enrichment activity looking at the Golden Ratio. They covered the origins of this number as well as looking at its occurrences in nature and links with all things beautiful (and the reason it is known in maths as “the beautiful number”).

Students then applied their knowledge on the members of the maths department to find out who (in theory!) was the most (or least!) attractive.  The students took various measurements from photos of the faces of their teachers, then calculated how close the ratio of various combinations of these measurements were to the golden ratio. The results left some a little bit sceptical, but Mrs Day definitely agreed!

  1. Mrs Day
  2. Miss Rolfe
  3. Miss Eaton
  4. Mr Moult
  5. Mr Hopkin
  6. Mr Bolan
  7. Mr Marling