School News

The Fallibroome Trust aims to provide an exceptional education that equips every young person to meet the challenges of a changing world. Currently comprising ten member schools in Cheshire, soon to become eleven, our Trust is a leader in school improvement and a provider of best-in-class training and development in education. Our ambition is to grow further, working with new schools that share our values and we would like to be known more widely outside of the local area. Therefore, as we make our plans for the future, we are looking to rename the Trust and create a new look for our organisation. We want to stand out from the crowd and for our new name to signify who we are and what we stand for.


To make sure that the views of everyone in the Trust are considered in this process, we are asking all of our school communities to vote on a new name and a new logo.


Pupils and staff in school will have an opportunity to watch a video, setting out three possible names and the reasons behind them. For parents / carers, the names and rationale are set out within the voting form itself, for you to read. You will have received an email with a letter and a link to access the voting form. Alternatively, you can access the form from the home page of our website, under Fallibroome Trust News. This is also where you can find a list of “Questions and Answers” which will hopefully address any queries you have about the process.


The winning name will be given the design treatment and brought to life as a logo. You’ll then have another chance to vote on your favourite design.


To be clear, the new name and identity are for the Trust only. Individual schools, and therefore uniform, will not be affected. The Fallibroome Academy will not change its name.


As The Fallibroome Trust moves forward, our core values of Respect, Integrity and Optimism will increasingly come to the fore. With your support and input, our rename and rebrand will support our clear vision to meet the level of the best in all areas of our work.