School News

As part of Eaton Bank’s mission to reduce our school’s environmental impact, we are starting a ‘textbook reuse’ scheme, whereby students will have the opportunity to receive second-hand revision guides from school, rather than buying brand-new ones. Any money raised from selling these books will be donated to Friends of Eaton Bank, for use within the school.  

This programme aims to allow students currently beginning their GCSE and A-level work to access revision guides in a more sustainable way, as the constant re-purchasing of revision guides wastes large number of resources and money.

For this scheme to begin, we are asking any students who have CGP or other revision guides that they no longer want to donate them back to school, instead of disposing of them. We will be collecting both A-level and GCSE guides, so please ask around to see if any ex-students, siblings or friends have any that they no longer want. We accept any condition of textbook (including drawn-in, ripped or without e-guide), however we advise that you check that any personal information, such as names or phone numbers, is scribbled out.

Please bring all revision guides into the Sixth Form reception or the main-school reception. There will be a box there to put books into from Tuesday 2nd November. We will quarantine the books for 72-hours before sorting them, so don’t worry about cleaning or quarantining them yourself.

We believe that this is a great way to reduce Eaton Bank’s wastage whilst saving money. Old textbooks and revision guides can take up a lot of space in the house, so this scheme should also free up storage! All donations are appreciated, so please talk to family and friends to collect as many books as possible.

We understand that many students pass old revision guides onto younger siblings or friends, so we are anticipating receiving less guides than we have students wanting them. For this reason, new revision guides will still be available to purchase. Our hope is to reduce the overall number of new books bought by ensuring that all students are given the ability to choose a more sustainable alternative.

If you have any questions, please email and we will happily answer them.

Thank you for your support!