Eaton Bank Academy

The Summer Challenge


Over the Summer Holidays Year 10 students completed the ”Summer Challenge’.

The challenge included a set of tasks to help students rest, relax and feel motivated over the holidays. Congratulations to Eleanor Whitehurst, Abbie Bowden, Tom Gilman and Sam Morrey who completed over 15 of the tasks, producing some fabulous results.  The students achieved wonderful feats such as: walking over 500,000 steps, visiting museums, reading lots of books, cooking new meals, working out maths problems, going out walking and producing journals.  Well done to all those who participated!  Huge thanks also go to some very kind local businesses who donated some fabulous prizes for the winning pupils:  Shakeeze for milkshake vouchers, DV8, Congleton for a £20 voucher and Rumba, Congleton for a £20 voucher.