Eaton Bank Academy

Student Leadership Team 2018/19


Our Student Leadership team make an important contribution to school life. The team meet weekly to discuss the student feedback generated through the School Senate and also take on an ambassadorial role, representing students at school functions and events.  Anyone who has been to a school event has probably met the Student Leadership team helping on reception and welcoming guests to the school.

The 2018/19 student leadership team are:

Jamie Goff – Head Boy
Ellie Cliffe – Head Girl

Rebekah Heathcote – Deputy Head Girl
Tim Vos – Deputy Head Boy

Morgan Smith – Assistant Head Boy
Cerys Griffiths – Assistant Head Girl

Catherine Bostock – Head of Senate
Robert Tschelebinski – Deputy Head of Senate

Olivia Cheetham – Assistant Head of Senate
Joe Robinson – Assistant Head of Senate

Sam Bromley – Student Welfare