School News

Today we celebrated our Sixth Form students who had the highest attendance in the Spring Term. And what better way to celebrate than with pizza?! Well done to all of those who had 96% attendance and above from January to March.

Year 12 100% Attendance Year 12 96% and above Attendance Year 13 100% Attendance Year 13 96% and above Attendance
Jeremiah Wilson Sophia Lottie
Rose Eleanor Eden Arran
Archie Lily-Mae Lily April
Kiran Joshua Amber Calleigh
Ashton Arran Jessica Daniel
Lauren Ethan Emma Hannah
Gemma Jasmine G Lorna Liam
Jack Tegan Tom
Dylan Lily W Chloe
Evie Lily C Lucie
Ethan Isla Adam
Jessica Joe Alex
Harry Isabella Sam
George Emily Artie
Joel Rhys Alice
Kirara Finn Jake
Felix Connie Conah
Carson Maisie Rebecca
Ashley April
Ben Jasmine M