Eaton Bank Academy

School Building Improvements Continue


We are delighted to announce that we have successfully bid for £1.4 million of funding for school building improvements. The funding will ensure that the school refurbishment, which commenced last year with a successful £1.7 million bid, will continue into Summer 2018.

The successful bids have already seen the school benefit from a refurbished façade and new windows around the hall, gymnasium, DT and SEN suites.  A proportion of the funding has also been spent ensuring the school has the latest fire safety solutions including a state of the art fire prevention system, renewal of internal and external doors and improved LED emergency lighting.  The most recent funding will also allow the school to introduce an energy efficient heating system and upgrade the school roofing.

As student numbers at Eaton Bank Academy continue to grow, our facilities and infrastructure will be upgraded and improved to ensure we have the very best learning facilities and school environment.  The next development is the opening of the new, spacious girls’ and boys’ toilets, which have been built specifically to meet the needs of our growing school community.

We will keep you updated with school development and refurbishment projects as they continue throughout the term.