Eaton Bank Academy

Roller-Coaster Challenge


Congratulations to the following students who took part in the Siemens Roller-Coaster Challenge and were selected to represent the school at the final presentation evening at Congleton Town Hall.

Team Mountain Roller – Harry Bonney, Adam Diorazio, Harrison Quinn (Year 7) with Year 10 mentors Imogen Bruce and Nell Painter

Team Scare-Mess – Max Johnson, Leo Johnson, Tyler Jones-Meakin and Cameron Williams (Year 7) with Year 10 mentors Eva Dean and Olivia Jackson.

The Roller-Coaster Challenge is a STEM competition run by Siemens and inspired by the fact Siemens’ Drives control ‘Nemesis’ and ‘The Pepsi Max’ roller-coasters.  The competition is designed for students in Year 7 to 9 and is open to schools from schools in Congleton and the surrounding area.  The teams are provided with a Siemens mentor and a kit of parts, and have 10 weeks to design and make their own working model roller-coaster.  As part of the competition the teams, accompanied by Ms Dawson-Hewitt and Mr Betts, were also invited to the Siemens Digital Factory in Congleton to see drives which control the motors on Nemesis being built