Eaton Bank Academy

Guess My Occupation


Guests from local and national organisations have taken part in ‘Guess my occupation’ with students as part of PSHE morning.  The visitors were only allowed to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the students’ questions and give away as few clues as possible. Year 8 asked excellent questions and were successful in guessing the occupation for all but one of the guests. Once the students had guessed the occupations, they found out more about the guests’ career paths, qualifications, skills and the best (and worst!) thing about their jobs.

Thank you to our guests for giving up their time to visit the school: Mandy Simpson (PCSO), Jessica Viggers (Franklyn Management), Jenny Norton (Congleton Library) Becky McGrother (Siemens), Lizzy Broxton (Neon Freight), Kerrie Salisbury (, Christina Diaz Cid Robbie (Intensive Care Nurse), Paul Bestwick (Anti-Social Behaviour Officer),  Gillian Jones (Social Worker Friends For Leisure), Jordan Groarke & Steff Grandon (Reed Recruitment Specialists).

All Year groups took part in the mornings’ activities, with sessions delivered on a breadth of topics including internet safety (with Jane Commins – Police Youth Engagement Officer), alcohol education, assertive behaviour, resilience and a talk from the Teenage Cancer Trust.