Eaton Bank Academy

Primary School Night Classes


Year 4 and 5 pupils from Congleton and Gawsworth Primary Schools have taken part in ‘Science Investigators’ and ‘Script Writing’ Night Classes.  The classes are run each Spring and help children develop their knowledge and skills, supported by Eaton Bank Academy subject teachers.

The ‘Science Investigators’ pupils worked on a range of exciting activities including burning food to work out how much energy is produced, making plastic from potato starch and making glue from milk.  The pupils tested the strength of their glue to see how effectively it could hold two lolly sticks together and one group’s glue could withstand nearly 5kg!

Pupils participating in the Script Writing class used a picture book with an environmental message as the inspiration to create their own script. The students each worked on a segment of the script which was combined for a final performance.

Mr Pearson and Miss Davies thoroughly enjoyed working with the Year 4 and 5 pupils – we hope to welcome them into Year 7 soon!