Eaton Bank Academy

Peter Pan at Daneside Theatre


We are busy with final rehearsals for our whole school musical production of Peter Pan. The show starts on Tuesday 11th Feb for three nights at Daneside Theatre (7.30pm). Tickets are still available from main school reception, Congleton Tourist Information or


Peter Pan Toby Turfrey
Tinkerbell Maddy Downing
Storyteller (Adult Wendy) Maisie Dixon
Wendy Darling Lily Payton
John Darling Arran Johnstone
Michael Darling Matthew Hampson
Mr Darling Sam Morrey
Mrs Darling Abbie Bowden
Liza Lucy Hodgson
Nana Jenna Fairbanks
Newsboy Oliver Taylor-Jones
Captain Hook Summer Forward-Martin
Smee Lily Ashworth
Starkey Harrison Quinn
Cookson Eleanor Whitehurst
Cecco Molly Gilmour
Jukes Jenna Fairbanks
Noodler Maddie Heys
Mullins Rebekah Heathcote
Skylights Mathilda Gill
Tootles Megan Norris
Slightly Rosie Beaumont
Nibbs Hannah McCloud
Curly Isla Johnstone
Twin 1 Molly Johnson
Twin 2 Orla Hayes
Tiger Lily Elysia Oliver
Tiger-Lily’s Braves Connie Ward

Rose Bromley-Musah

Alice Maddocks

The Crocodile Molly Knight
The Lost Boys April Cook

Lewis Robinson

Harry Gill

Alex Carr

Oliver Livsey

Elizabeth Whittaker

Amelia Watson-Cave

Arran Wilkie

Bethany Walton

Emily Hopper

Evie Searle

Harriet Jones

Kaylee Eddy

Lauren Hillier

Leah Johnson

Leanne Senior

Lily Downing

Lucy James

Merit Devine

Millie Booth

Nicholas Whittaker

Olivia Evans

Olivia Gill

Ria Crowley

Ruby Downing

Amy Bruce

Becky Sherratt

The Pirates Fahren Jones

Kaden Cowen

Harvey Rowland

Chloe Borg-Heffernan

Archie Chapman-Morgan

Amelia Downing

Eloise Turner

Hollie Brunt

Honey Kelly

Isabel Davies

Isabelle Lucas

Jasmine Edmondson

Mia Bentley-Smith

Rhiannon Griffiths

Becky Jeffries

Abi Reeves

Niamh Kane

Mermaids Alex Hall

Laura Pears

Jessica Proctor

The Band Tom Parr

Ben Wainwright

Dan Goff

Erin Shaw