Eaton Bank Academy

Arts Award Evening


Eaton Bank Academy have hosted their annual Arts Award Evening, celebrating students’ achievements in dance, drama, music, art and DT. The evening was attended by families and friends who enjoyed a showcase of dance, drama and musical performances. Guests also had the opportunity to view a gallery of art and design work produced by students throughout the school year.
Congratulations to the following award winners:

Art Outstanding Effort: Callum Morris Beard, Outstanding Achievement: Amy Bruce, Outstanding Contribution: Elliot Browne, Most Outstanding student: Eleanor Newman D&T and F&N Outstanding Effort: Emma Lambourne, Outstanding Achievement: Alfie Brewer, Outstanding Contribution: Kayla Nancollas, Most Outstanding student: Ruth Teagle. Dance Outstanding Effort: Orla Hayes, Outstanding Achievement: Jessica Proctor, Outstanding Contribution: Oliver Taylor-Jones, Most Outstanding student: Maddy Downing. Drama Outstanding Effort: Molly-Mae Quinn, Outstanding Achievement: Owen Jones, Outstanding Contribution: Alex Carr, Most Outstanding student: Madelaine Reay. Music Outstanding Effort: Alice Maddocks, Outstanding Achievement: Lucie Hodgson, Outstanding Contribution: Erin Stevens, Most Outstanding student: Ruth Teagle Special recognition Performing Arts: Rosie Beaumont, Art Design and Technology: Josh Bibby.

Art Outstanding Effort: Amy Page, Outstanding Achievement: Freya Longshaw, Most Outstanding student: Laura Mills. D&T and F&N Outstanding Effort: Ewan Thomason, Outstanding Achievement: Kati-Leigh Newson, Most Outstanding student: Tom Smallman. Art Textiles Outstanding Effort: Bryella Clutton, Outstanding Achievement: Elkie Poole, Outstanding Contribution: Megan Godfrey, Most Outstanding student: Leah Casto. Drama Outstanding Effort: Milly Carsberg, Outstanding Achievement: Eleanor Whitehurst, Outstanding Contribution: Emily Lively, Most Outstanding student: Lily Worrall. Music Outstanding Effort: Ben Wainwright, Outstanding Achievement: Lily Ashworth, Outstanding Contribution: Lily Payton, Most Outstanding student: Dan Goff, Award Given: Dance, Outstanding Effort: Clarisse Stubbs, Outstanding Achievement: Emily Simpson, Outstanding Contribution: Lily-Blu Whitehurst, Most Outstanding student, Libby Greeney. Special recognition Performing Arts: Sam Morrey, Art Design and Technology: Millie Pedley

Textiles, Graphics and Photography Outstanding Effort: Henry Bloor, Outstanding Achievement: Olivia Roberts and Jemima Axson, Outstanding Contribution: Tom Graystone, Most Outstanding student: Dan Bossons. Dance Outstanding Effort: Rebekah Heathcote, Outstanding Achievement: Lily Bennett-Sergeant, Outstanding Contribution: Naomi Johnson: Most Outstanding student: Holly North. Special recognition: Performing Arts: Lily Bennett-Sergeant, Art Design and Technology: Dan Bossons.