Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – Science


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by the Science Faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning.

Year 7 – Kiara Smith 7BCO and George Bowyer 7SJE

Year 8 – Abigail Priest 8DWA  and Ethan Bush 8LWA

Year 9 Combined Science – Emma Lambourne 9PLE, Oliver Taylor-Jones 9SAB,
Year 9 Triple Biology – April Clark 9SMO, Joseph Whitehurst 9SMO,
Year 9 Triple Chemistry – Amy Bruce 9PLE, Tom Henderson
Year 9 Triple Physics – 9LNE and Eleanor Newman 9LNE

Year 10 Combined Science – Ellie Bradley-Boffey 10SCO, Will Stamford 10LWI,
Year 10 Triple Biology – Claudia Weatherby 10LWI, Callum Walker 10LWI,
Year 10 Triple Chemistry – Helen Banks 10LWI, Callum Walker
Year 10 Triple Physics – Georgia Tellwright 10MRO, Pieter Swart 10CEV

Year 11 Combined Science – Lily Ashworth 11LSM, Tom Gilman 11WDA,
Year 11 Triple Biology – Abbie Bowden 11WDA, Sam Morrey 11WDA
Year 11 Triple Physics –  Laura Mills 11LSM, Sam Morrey 11WDA

Year 12 Biology – Alice Kennerley 12SBO, Tom Barnes 12DMO,
Year 12 Chemistry – Ayesha Lafferty 12DMO
Year 12 Physics – Ayesha Lafferty 12DMO , Wian Swart 12DMO,
Year 13 Biology – Caitlin Young 13TMC
Year 13 Chemistry – Chloe Bailey 13BWI