Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – Performing Arts and PE


Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised by the Performing Arts and PE  Faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning.

(Photos of Year 11 to 13 students to follow)

PE: – Y7 Isla Johnstone & Oliver Bailey, Y8 Ruth Teagle & Ellis Statham, Y9 Holly Nash & Harry Gittins,  Y10 Laura Mills & Sam Brunt, Y11 Bryony Livsey & Sam Reynolds, Y12 Chloe Thomason & Charlie Wilson, Y13 Laura Richards

PERFORMING ARTS: Y7 Isla Johnstone & Arran Johnstone, Y8 Rosie Beaumont & Oliver Taylor-Jones

DANCE: Y9  Olivia Gill & Molly Knight, Y10 Sam Morrey & Lily Payton, Y11 Oscar Eckersley & Elysia Oliver, Y12 Rebekah Heathcote & Holly North, Y13 Lily Bennett-Sergeant & Naomi Johnson

MUSIC Y9: Josh Evett & Molly Gilmour. Y10 Dan Goff & Lily Ashworth, Y11 Olly Rhodes &  Millie Meade

DRAMA: Y9 Harrison Quinn & Maisie Dixon, Y10 Ewan Thomason & Lily Worrall, Toby Turfrey & Summer Forward-Martin



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