Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – Performing Arts and PE


Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised by the Performing Arts and PE  Faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning.


PE: – Y7 Isla Johnstone & Oliver Bailey, Y8 Ruth Teagle & Ellis Statham, Y9 Holly Nash & Harry Gittins,  Y10 Laura Mills & Sam Brunt, Y11 Bryony Livsey & Sam Reynolds, Y12 Chloe Thomason & Charlie Wilson, Y13 Laura Richards

PERFORMING ARTS: Y7 Isla Johnstone & Arran Johnstone, Y8 Rosie Beaumont & Oliver Taylor-Jones

DANCE: Y9  Olivia Gill & Molly Knight, Y10 Sam Morrey & Lily Payton, Y11 Oscar Eckersley & Elysia Oliver, Y12 Rebekah Heathcote & Holly North, Y13 Lily Bennett-Sergeant & Naomi Johnson

MUSIC Y9: Josh Evett & Molly Gilmour. Y10 Dan Goff & Lily Ashworth, Y11 Olly Rhodes &  Millie Meade

DRAMA: Y9 Harrison Quinn & Maisie Dixon, Y10 Ewan Thomason & Lily Worrall, Toby Turfrey & Summer Forward-Martin