Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – Maths and Computing


Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised by the Maths and Computing Faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning.


Y7 Ethan Smith and Chloe Olsen

Y8 Abbie Priest and Will Price

Y9 Rebecca Jeffries and Callum Evans

Y10 Corey Elms and Amy Bellis

Y11 Tom Smallman and Eleanor Whitehurst

Y12 Luke Smith and Bryony Livsey

Y13 Charlie Wilson and Rebekah Heathcote


Y7 Corey Bright and Charlotte Turner

Y8 Archie Bough and Gemma Morrey

Y9 Mason Baillie and Carla Nancollas

Y10 Harry Bonney and Claudia Weatherby

Y11 Dominic Kennington and Lily Ashworth

Y12 Wian Swart and Hannah Walker