Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – Maths and Computing Faculty


Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised by the Maths and Computing Faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning.


Y13 – Jamie Goff (BWI) and Lucy Robinson (BWI)

Y12 – Tim Vos (MMI) and Rebekah Heathcote (BWI)

Y11 – Connor Cassidy (FNI) and Cerys Griffiths (SKN)

Y10 – Nathan Edge (MQU) and Emily Simpson (VSH)

Y9 – Kyle Speak (LWI) and Helena Todd (LIR)

Y8 – Kyle Brindley (SAB) and Neive Maddison (JPE)

Y7 – Drew Emery Allen (DWA) and Emily Hopper (DFI)



Year 11 – Shannon Wright (SKN), Wian Swart (SKN)

Year 10 – Lily Ashworth (LSM), Jonah Vos (AWR)

Year 9 – Claudia Weatherby (LWI), Pieter Swart (TAY)

Year 8 – Holly Galley (SAB), Tom Henderson (LNE)

Year 7 – Sammy Todd (LWA) Ethan Spencer (LWA)