Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – Humanities and Social Sciences


Well done to the following students who have been recognised by the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning

Year 7

Harrison Kasperowicz  (RS)
Ruth Teagle (RS)
Eleanor Newman (Geography)
Jake McCadden (History)
Megan Hughes (History)
William Minton (Geography)

Year 8

Pieter Swart  (RS)
Erin Shaw  (RS)
Morgan Barnett (Geography)
Connor Harbridge (History)
Helen Banks (History)
Eloise Williams (Geography)

Year 9

Dominic Kennington (RS)
Finn O’Gara (Geography)
Jess Johnson (RS)
Sam Morrey (History)
Abbie Bowden (History)
Emily Simpson (Geography)
Tom Gilman (Business Studies)
Cody Pedley (Business Studies)

Year 10

Luke Smith (RS)
Rebecca Jones (RS)
Sam Reynolds (History and Geography)
Rebecca Jones (Business Studies)
Bryony Livesey (History)
Alice Kennerley (Geography)
Connor Cassidy (Business Studies)

Year 11

Alex Claridge (RS)
Lucy Humphrey (RS and History)
Tim Vos (History and Business Studies)
Freddie Leyland (Geography)
Caitlin Young (Geography and Business Studies)

Year 12

Sean Boden (History and Economics)
Niamh Heeran (History)
Victoria Bromley (Geography)
Amelia Mansfield (Geography)
Sophie Pritchard (Business Studies)
Henry Bloor (Economics)
Ellie Cliffe (Economics)
Lizzie Greensmith (Psychology)
Jemima Axson (Psychology)

Year 13

George Wilson (History)
Izzy Harbisher(History)
Katherine Furness (Geography)
George Wilson (Geography)
Sam Hitchen (Business Studies)
Georgina Challinor (Business Studies)
Penny Woodward (Economics)
Dominic Axford (Economics)
Hannah Brown (Sociology)