Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – English and MFL Faculty


Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised by the English and MFL Faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning.


Year 7  Sammy Todd LWA and Dougie Gilman LWA
Year 8  Kiara Vu TPE and Rory Bickley LMC
Year 9  Hannah McCloud LFO and Kamrann Burgess SCO
Year 10  Laura Mills LSM and Finn O’Gara SDA
Year 11 Bryony Livsey FNI and Tristen Nunes DMO


Year 7  Sammy Todd LWA and  Oliver Livsey DFI
Year 8  Amy Bruce LMC and Oliver Taylor – Jones SAB
Year 9 Claudia Weatherby LWI and Pieter Swart TAY
Year 10 Finn O’ Gara SDA and Eleanor Whitehurst SDA
Year 11 Luke Smith WDA and Alice Kennerley DMA