Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – Art, Design and Technology Faculty


Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised by the Art, Design and Technology Faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning.


Year 7  – whole faculty

Emily Hopper and Robbie McCloud

Year 8 – whole faculty

Ruth Teagle and Will Minton


Year 9

Textiles – Leanne Senior and Hannah Barratt 

Art – Kyle Speak and Natasha Plumb

Engineering design – Isabel Davies and Kyle Speak

Food and Nutrition – Jack Harding and Molly-Mae Hodson


Year 10

Textiles – Amelia Briars and Leah Casto

Art – Millie Pedley and Sam Morrey

Engineering design – Tom Smallman and Amy Page

Food and Nutrition – Adam Tschelebinski and Elkie Poole


Year 11

Art – Tristen Nunes and Maddie Hartles

Textiles – Hannah Walker and  Alice Kennerley

Food and Nutrition  –  Amy Donegan and Shannon Wright

Product Design – Tristen Nunes and Chloe Wood


Year 12

Alex Claridge  and Rebekah Heathcote


Year 13

Daniel Bossons and Olivia Roberts