Eaton Bank Academy

Outstanding Attitude to Learning – Science Faculty


Congratulations  to the following students who have been recognised by the Science faculty for their Outstanding Attitude to Learning:

Y7           Chase Woodmass (JPE) and Emma Lambourne (LMC)

Y8           Jedidiah Boateng (JAB) and Helen Banks (LWI)

Y9           Finn O’Gara (SDA) and Clarisse Stubbs (VSH)

Y10         Tristen Nunes (ABE) and Carly Wain (WDA)

Y11         Miles Cowey (DMA) and Bronwyn Jennings (DMA)

Y12         Jamie Goff (Biology and Chemistry),  Tom Graystone (Physics),  Niamh Heeran (Biology), Lucy Robinson (Physics) and Catherine Bostock (Chemistry)

Y13         Will Humfrey (Biology), Dom Axford (Physics and Chemistry)  Hannah Brown (Biology)

  • determined to improve their learning and actively seek advice
  • keen to take on new challenges
  • keep trying different ways of working when things are difficult

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