Eaton Bank Academy

Mohammed Amin MBE


Students were fortunate to listen to an inspiring and thought provoking speech by Mohammed Amin MBE, who on several occasions been listed as one of the hundred most influential Muslims in the UK.  Amin (his preferred name) spent his career as a tax advisor, most recently spending 19 years as a tax partner in PwC. In retirement, as well as Islamic finance consulting and writing, Amin spends most of his time “giving back” to the community by writing, speaking, informal mentoring. In the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2016, Amin was awarded an MBE for services to Community Cohesion and Inter-faith Relations in Greater Manchester.

Amin opened the talk with the questions “How can I succeed in life?” and “What will give my life meaning?”.  He asked the Year 9 students to think about what success means to them and why do some people succeed but not others.  Amin went on to explain that success is difficult to evaluate as being successful can be measured in more ways than, for example, becoming very wealthy.  Amin highlighted the importance of the choices we make and how they can have an impact on success.  He also discussed the ways in which we can give our lives meaning.

Amin went on to speak about his family background, education and religious beliefs, how he had taken an interest in politics from a very early age and his thoughts on racism in our society.  At the end of the talk, Amin took the time to answer a huge amount of questions from the audience, on a wide range of subjects.

Reminding students about their personal responsibilities and choices, Amin revealed that his motto is “Each of us changes the world every day.  We can choose to make it a better place.”

Thank you to Amin for taking the time to visit our school and to Speakers4schools for organising such an interesting and engaging speaker.