Eaton Bank Academy

Lion King Dance Show


Over 30 talented dance students from Year 7 to Year 13 performed in Eaton Bank Academy’s version of The Lion King. The dance show was performed on two consecutive nights to friends and parents, along with a special showing for local Primary Schools.

The performance saw many excellent dances to well-known songs from the Disney musical including “Circle of Life”, “Can’t Wait to be King” and “He Lives in You”. The show was also the end of an era at Eaton Bank, being the last dance show for Year 13 dancers Hollie Kiely, Megan Hogg, Vic Mycock and Sophie Moores.

Mrs Sheard, Teacher in charge of dance and acting Head of Faculty stated “The talent, dedication and enthusiasm from our students never fails to amaze me. All dancers involved have given time, effort and created an immense sense of performance in order to pull off a fantastic dance show. I am immensely proud. We now move onto our annual whole school musical with auditions starting after the February half term.”

When commenting on the success of the show, Headteacher Mrs Webb commented “I am incredibly proud of what the students have achieved – the performances have been exceptional. It shows the dedication, talent and commitment of both our students and staff to make occasions like this so enjoyable.”

Lion King Cast: Megan Hogg – Scar,  Sophie Moores – Simba, Hollie  Kiely – Timon, Vic Mycock – Pumbaa, Maddie Harbisher – Banzai, Imy Cook – Mufasa, Mary Gilsenan – Ed, Ella Beaumont – Rafiki,  Caitlin Boorsma – Zazu, Delaney Mackinnon – Nala, Charlotte Mycock – Shenzi, Francesca Morris – Young Nala, Lily Bennett-Sergeant – Young Simba, Naomi Johnson –  Sarabi.
Ensemble – Katie Baker, Emily Barber, Naomi Barnett, Lydia Bernardi, Victoria Bloor, Olivia Brindley, Grace Cronin, Nancy Cubbon, Lucy Humfrey, Niamh Heeran, Emily Jarvis, Lois Kennerley, Maissie Manning, Claudia Mitchell, Abigail Mitchell, Alice Muirhead, Grace Muirhead, Amelia Probert-Hayes, Kate Sherman, Aimee Speak.

Lion King Eaton Bank Academy