About PHSE (Personal, Health & Social Education)

At Eaton Bank Academy we strongly believe in the importance of young people understanding the world around them and, in line with our vision, being fully prepared for their future lives.

We therefore offer a comprehensive package of PSHE in school which takes the form of several full and half “off curriculum” days, where students work with their teachers and a number of outside professionals to gain a better understanding of various topics, including health and wellbeing, careers and enterprise, drugs and sexual relations and study skills.

In order to provide the most realistic experiences for our students, we work closely with a range of local and national providers in order to ensure breadth of experience and opportunity for all of our students. Students in all year groups will cover different topics and at different levels throughout their school career at Eaton Bank.

PSHE Y11 lesson journey
PSHE Y10 lesson journey
PSHE Y9 Lesson Journey
PSHE Year 8 Lesson Journey
PSHE Year 7 Lesson Journey

PHSE (Personal, Health & Social Education) Curriculum Map