School News

Heads of Student Body 



Lily  (Deputy)

Lucie (Deputy)

The Heads of the Student Body organise and lead the student leadership team – driving student led, student focused initiatives. They also act as a direct link between the student body and senior leadership of the school.

Senate Team 


Leah  (Deputy)

The Senate Team organise regular meetings for members of the student body throughout the school to ensure all students have a voice and a forum to discuss matters important to them.

Welfare Team 



Madelaine (Deputy)

The Welfare Team works to ensure the needs of all students are met and every student feels that Eaton Bank Academy is a safe place where they can flourish.

Eco Team



Chloe (Deputy)

The Eco team are committed to making the school more environmentally friendly. They hope to help the school to reduce waste, offset carbon emissions and become more sustainable.

Outreach Team  – new role

Molly (Deputy)

The Outreach team work to raise the profile of the work that the student leadership does, and promote the fantastic events and initiatives that form the heart of the work of student leadership.