1. All lessons last for 30 minutes and take place on a weekly basis during school term time. They are taught individually or if preferred, in pairs.
  2. Invoices for lessons are issued in advance every term and should be paid in 7 days, making payment directly to the instrumental/ vocal teacher. In case of individual hardship, please contact Mrs Venables by phone or email.
    3.  The date and time of your child’s lesson will be displayed on the student notice board in the music department.  They should check the board regularly and instrumental teachers will provide students with contact details.
    4.  All lessons must be paid for, except in cases of lessons missed as a result of teacher absence or notified periods of prolonged absence by the student.  It is the responsibility of the student to let their teacher know, in advance, of these and any additional trips, examinations and internal tests in lessons etc. so that lessons can be altered accordingly.  The missed lesson must be paid for if this contact is not made.
    5.  Missed lessons will be charged for unless one weeks’ notice is given.
    6.  As far as possible, lesson times are rotated each week during the period of time that the teacher is in school, in order to minimise disruption to timetabled lessons.  Sixth Form lessons are scheduled in study periods or lunch breaks.
    7.  Teachers will advise students on which tutor books or music to purchase together with information regarding equipment such as strings and reads etc.
    8.  Students should arrange to buy or hire equipment on which to learn.  A small stock of school instruments is available for loan in certain cases.  In cases of hardship, please contact Mrs Venables via phone or email.
    9.  All instruments brought to school should be labelled inside and out with the students’ name, tutor group and address.  Please ensure the instruments are covered by a home insurance or separate insurance policy.  Storage facilities may be used but no responsibility can be accepted by the school for loss or damage.
    10.  If appropriate, students will be entered for grade examinations when ready.  Parents/carers will be notified in advance together with information regarding payment.
    11. Should you wish lessons to cease at any point, please notify Mrs Venables in the music department in writing or by email c.venables@eatonbank.org a half term in advance.