Uniform Rules and Guidelines

All items of school uniform represent excellent value and may be purchased locally from DP Sportswear, Bromley Road, Congleton, CW12 1PT. Telephone: 01260 274400. Email: sales@dpsportswear.co.uk

School uniform can also be obtained from the PTA’s Pre-Loved Uniform Shop

  • Green blazer with embroidered school logo*.
  • Plain white shirt (short or long sleeved).
  • Tie with embroidered school logo (separate design for lower school and upper school)*.
  • Knitted mid grey V neck jumper* (optional).
  • Prescribed grey pleated school skirt*. Knee length.
  • Mid grey tailored trousers* (boys & girls).
  • Mid grey tailored shorts* (boys and girls) (these can be worn all year round)
  • Black low heeled substantial school shoe. Leather or leather effect with no bright or coloured sports markings. No boots or trainers.
  • Socks and tights must be plain black or grey and tights must not be patterned.
  • Bags should be of the ‘rucksack’ variety with two shoulder straps for Year 7.

*All items marked with an asterisk should only be purchased from DP Sportswear


Additional rules relating to uniform and appearance:

  • No hooded sweatshirts or trainers may be worn in the school grounds except during PE lessons.
  • No scarves or coats may be worn indoors.
  • Blazers must be worn at all times except where permission is given by a teacher to remove them.
  • No jewellery, except for one small stud in each ear lobe, and no other facial or body piercings permitted. Watches are permitted.
  • Students will be asked to remove excessive makeup and hair decorations.
  • No extreme hairstyles or unnatural coloured hair.
  • Coloured nail varnish and extended artificial nails are not permitted.
  • No leggings to be worn as uniform except during PE lessons.

Physical Education

PE Kit from DP Sportswear:

  • Sports polo shirt including printed school badge and personal initials*
  • Hooded top including printed school badge and personal initials *
  • Black PE shorts or ‘skorts’
  • Black PE socks
  • Black training pants or black leggings
  • Shin pads (compulsory for football)
  • Sports trainers
  • Football boots (all students). Plastic studded boots must meet the specifications for the 3G pitch – Footwear for 3G pitch

*All items marked with an asterisk must be purchased from DP Sportswear

NEW 3G Pitch

  • Football boots (all students in Y7 – 9). Plastic studded boots must meet the specifications for the 3G pitch.
  • The new 3G Pitch is an exciting addition to our sports facilities. Please note, only specific footwear should be worn. Both boys and girls in year 7, 8 and 9 will use this facility in PE.
  • If you have any boots your child has grown out of, please consider donating them to the the PTA’s Pre-Loved Unifom Shop, which enable us to provide affordable/ free footwear to families.

Examples of suppliers that provide discounted football boots include:

Additional Information

  • No hooded sweatshirts or trainers may be worn in the school grounds except during PE lessons. These will be confiscated and collected at the end of the school day.
  • No stretch fit training shorts

School Shoes

Guidance for school footwear can be found attached here. Please do contact the school (postpoint@eatonbank.org) before you purchase school shoes if you have any questions.


Please make sure that you have the correct equipment for school:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Pencil eraser and pencil sharpener
  • Coloured pencils
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Calculator
  • Passwords

Sixth Form Dress Code: Dress for Success

Students in the Sixth Form have the privilege of choice. The way students present themselves should signal a serious attitude to their studies and a pride in their school community, and we believe that high standards of appearance are important. In the main school, this is achieved through wearing a smart formal uniform and, whilst there is no uniform in the Sixth Form, we do ask that students dress in a way that supports these high expectations.

Students’ dress should be tidy, clean and appropriate for a school environment. Students must not wear anything that could cause offence or embarrassment to others. Clothing must not distract others from learning.

  • T-shirts must be appropriate (no inappropriate words, images or logos)
  • Dresses, tops, shirts, trousers etc. should not be low cut, see-through or reveal any bare midriffs/backs, or underwear.
  • If students choose to wear jeans, they must not be excessively ripped.
  • Mini-shorts and mini-skirts, with or without tights, should not be worn.
  • Where tattoos and piercings are visible, these must be appropriate and not in excess.

Some subjects (e.g. Art, Chemistry, Drama, PE, Dance…) have additional requirements and will explain these to you at the beginning of the course.

It is beyond the scope of the dress code to provide guidance to cover every eventuality. Any students whose standard of dress or appearance is considered to be inappropriate may be required to go home and change.

Buying School Uniform

DP Sportswear

Please check the price list 2024-2025 here.

Opening Times

  • Monday – 9:30am – 5pm
  • Tuesday – 9:30am – 5pm
  • Wednesday – 9:30am – 5pm
  • Thursday – 9:30am – 7pm
  • Friday – 9:30am – 5pm
  • Saturday – 10am – 2pm

NB Opening hours may be longer in the summer holiday, please contact the shop to find out more.

Shop Visit

  • Off road parking available.
  • Free fitting service by appointment only. Please use online booking service.
  • You can pay by cash, card or apple pay in the shop.


  • Use the online booking service at www.dpsportswear.co.uk click on appointments and select the type of appointment required.
  • A demonstration of how to use this service is available on our Facebook page.
  • Please take the time to book now, even if you feel your child may grow. We accept returns if the labels are kept on garments so you can always change the size. To ensure we have your uniform ready for the beginning of September, we advise you to order by 15th August.

Other ways to shop with us

  • All the uniform can be ordered online with postage or collection options.
  • Website address is www.dpsportswear.co.uk. Click on the School wear and select your School from the list given.
  • Telephone us and place your order on 01260 2774400 and pay by card.

Payment Plans

  • We continue to offer payment plans for those parents who wish to spread the cost of School Uniform over the summer months.
  • A deposit is required of £20 and full payment must be made by 31st August.
  • Please ask in the shop.


  • Book in your appointment for your free fitting service.
  • Payment plans are available for all parents.
  • We advise you to order by 15th August so we can have the order ready for the beginning of September.

Pre Loved Uniform

We are delighted to open our Friends of Eaton Bank (PTA) pre-loved school uniform shop, which will raise money for the school, help build a uniform bank for disadvantaged families and also reduce landfill and waste!

How to buy items from the Uniform Shop

Please look at the items we have in stock below. The items are all pre-worn so may have small signs of wear, so we appreciate you will want to view the item/s before you buy. The shop will re-open in the summer holidays, but by appointment only. Staff will be available throughout most of the summer – please email postpoint@eatonbank.org to arrange a suitable time to visit the school.

Suggested donation

  • Blazers (Male) : £5 – £10 each
  • Blazers (Female) : £5 – £10 each
  • Trousers (Male) : £5 each
  • Skirts : £5 each
  • Shorts (boys) : £3 each
  • Jumpers : £5 each
  • School Ties : £3 each
  • Shirts : £1 each
  • PE Hoody – £5
  • PE Shorts : £1 each

Once you have chosen your item(s), we ask you to make the suggested voluntary donation to Friends of Eaton Bank via ParentPay.

If your son/daughter has any uniform, which is in good condition, we would be grateful if you would consider donating it to Friends of Eaton Bank. We are most in need of younger students’ uniform items.

Important Documents

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