New GCSE Exam Grades 

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GCSE new grading scale: factsheets

GCSEs, AS and A levels: a guide for students in England

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School Data
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Key Stage 4 Performance Data

School's progress 8 score

School: -0.04

School's attainment 8 score:

School: 48.9
Local Authority Average: 46.8
England Average: 46.3

Grade 5 or Above in English & Maths GCSEs:

School: 42%
Local Authority Average: 46%
England Average: 45%

Staying in Education or Entering Employment:

School: 94%
Local Authority Average: 95%
England Average: 94%

The Percentage of Pupils Entering for the English Baccalaureate (EBacc):

School: 18%
Local Authority Average: 36%
England Average: 39%

EBacc average point score:

School: 4.12
Local Authority Average: 4.02
England Average: 4.05

Key Stage 5 Performance Data

Attainment measures

Average point score (APS)
Best 3 A Levels
AAB in at least two facilitating subjects
Level 3 vocational entry measures
Technical certificate entry measure


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Retention measures

98% of students

Destination measures (2019 leavers)

Examination Information

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Examination Information

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DfE Performance Tables