Eaton Bank Academy

The Great Big Up-Cycled Design Awards


Mrs Barter and textile students from Year 7, 8 and 9 have taken part in the inter-school ‘up-cycle’ competition run by Ansa Environmental Services. The aim of the competition is to get students to think differently about waste and discover the creative potential of up-cycling.  Participating schools were tasked with using ‘waste’ materials to design and create the most saleable, creative and innovative products.

Eaton Bank Academy students produced some amazing creations including a brilliant dress made from old copies of The Congleton Chronicle, a bouquet of flowers made entirely from recycled plastic and lots of colourful sock monsters made by Year 7 students.

The students displayed their completed work at the competition finals at Congleton Town Hall.  Congratulations to the students who took part:

Jessica Andow (CEV), Katie Baker (CEV), Lydia Bernardi (CAN), Sophie Brown (PSH), Rebecca Carbutt (DMO), Charlotte Eadie (DMO), Afsana Hoque (DMO), Olivia Jackson (DMO), Emily Jarvis (CEV), Rebecca Jones (PSH), Alice Kennerley (CEV), Phoebe Lawrence (CAN), Ella McCafferty (PSH), Claudia Mitchell (CEV), Margeaux  O’Garr (DMO), Charly Reilly (CAN), Phoebe Shearman (CAN), Amelia Smith (PSH), Eleanor Thomas (CAN), Hannah Walker (PSH),

Georgia Watkiss (CEV), Marie Wilshaw (PSH) Megan Godfrey (SDA), Clarisse Stubbs (VSH), Madi Hudson (TDA), Lucy Knight (LWI), Pollyanna Pierpoint (VSH)  Zoe Hill (TDA), Amy Page (TDA), Jessica Johnson(LFO), Lily Payton (SDA), Zoe Conroy (VSH), Lily Ashworth (VSH)


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