You are invited to join a Parent Information Meeting to find out about our new rewards scheme where your child can earn up to £100 in high street vouchers! 

This rewards scheme is exclusively for students who receive free school meals. Each meeting lasts approximately 30 minutes and has a maximum capacity of 15 people. You are invited to attend along with your Eaton Bank aged child or children, please include their name(s) on your booking. If you don’t have childcare for younger children, they are welcome to attend too, just book the number of tickets you need. Light refreshments will be available – we look forward to seeing you. 

Please see links below to reserve your ticket. 

Date  Time  Meeting Link 
09/01/24  8:00am 
09/01/24  10:00am  
09/01/24  11:00am  
09/01/24  3:00pm  
09/01/24  4:00pm  
09/01/24  5:00pm  
09/01/24  6:00pm  
10/01/24  8:00am  
10/01/24  9:00am  
10/01/24  10:00am  
10/01/24  11:00am  
10/01/24  2:00pm  
10/01/24  3:00pm  
11/01/24  8:00am  
11/01/24  9:00am  
11/01/24  10:00am  
11/01/24  11:00am  
11/01/24  2:00pm  
11/01/24  3:00pm  
11/01/24  4:00pm  
12/01/24  8:00am  
12/01/24  9:00am  
12/01/24  10:00am  
12/01/24  2:00pm  
12/01/24  3:00pm  
12/01/24  4:00pm