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Thursday 25th November, 6pm (please email c.condliffe@eatonbank.org for the meeting link)

At this meeting, a new PTA Committee will be elected, and we are inviting nominations for the following posts: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  These Elected Officers work together as a team to ensure smooth management of the PTA. They rely heavily on the continuing support of all parents and staff for our increasing success.  In addition to these Officers, there must be at least eight elected Members who are eligible to vote on PTA issues.

If you’re interested in putting your name forward for any of these posts or need some more information to help you make your decision, please email Charlotte Condliffe (c.condliffe@eatonbank.org])

Any nominations for Elected Officer positions must be completed prior to the AGM and submitted by Monday 22nd November. The AGM will be held via Teams at 6pm followed by the first PTA meeting of the school year.

Please contact c.condlfiffe@eatonbank.org for the meeting link and see how you can get involved.