Eaton Bank Academy

Every Step Counts!


Team Congleton are an organisation that promotes sport and healthy lifestyles in the town. Eaton Bank Academy are active members of Team Congleton, through the Ann  Packer Centre project, and together we are pitching for £5000 of Active Cheshire funding to boost the ‘Every Step Counts’ Active July campaign.

The Team have a real ambition to get the town on the move and finding their feet through a whole package of incentives and offers during July – with the ultimate aim of getting people active and improving the town’s health.  There are at least 9 other Cheshire campaigns in the running for the funding. Active Cheshire has approved this scheme as a good one – but now it’s up to the public  – with the campaign with the most votes by the 31 January getting the funds.

You can help Team Congleton achieve this ambition by taking the following simple steps:

1.       Register your vote at for number 7 (Every Step Counts ) It’s just one click!
2.       Encourage everyone you know to register their votes in their favour too. You can only vote once!

As we continue to seek substantial funds for the Ann Packer Centre Project from National Governing Bodies of Sport, one of the things we’re finding is that anything that puts the small town of Congleton on the ‘sporting map’ both regionally and nationally increases our chances of securing major funding sources. Please vote for this town-wide project as a straight forward and free way to support the town’s (and this school’s) sporting ambitions!