Eaton Bank Academy

EPQ Presentation Evening


A group of students have completed their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is worth half an A-Level grade. The EPQ plays an increasingly important part in our students’ journey beyond school; enabling the development of sophisticated skills including project management, research and enquiry, and presentation to an audience. EPQ students choose their own topic to study and this resulted in a wide range of fascinating projects covering social sciences, computer science, science and English.

The final part of the project was the EPQ Presentation Evening where friends and family were invited to the school to listen to students’ presentations. The evening was a great success and guests thoroughly enjoyed listening to the presentations and participating in Q&A sessions with the students.

Congratulations to the following students:


Name Project –
Jordon Bentley How did the loss of civic virtue influence the fall of the Roman empire?
Josh Hassall Can sustainable energy products and mechanisms change the sustainability of a house?
Lizzie Greensmith To what extent have attitudes towards the LGBT+ community changed over time?
Sophie Pritchard Is “fast fashion” a greater influence on our declining environment than we realise?
Daisy Jackson Are increasing cases of acid attacks symptomatic of an increasingly violent Britain?
Finlay Ward-Stevens Is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s portrayal of society in The Great Gatsby representative and similar to today’s society?
James Edwards Is string theory the answer to understanding the universe?
Olly Jarvis What are the possible causes of a Third Global Conflict?
Alex Claridge How do I create a 2D platforming video game including multiple levels, a menu and a success screen?
Tim Vos To what extent could time travel be considered a possibility in the future?