Eaton Bank Academy

Enterprise Day at


Year 10 students Clarisse Stubbs, Olivia Gibson, Noah Kitton, Leah Casto and Tom Gilman have all taken part in an apprenticeship enterprise day at headquarters in Crewe.  The Business Studies students worked in teams with students from other schools to solve problems in the logistics industry. Their task was to come up with innovative and realistic solutions to the problem of damaging customer houses or goods such as TVs and washing machines, when AO delivers them to customers.  Amongst other things students came up with were ramps, skis and putty to protect the items and the customers’ houses.  They then presented their findings to the management at  Tom Gilman was in the winning group and Leah Casto was offered a work experience placement.

The teacher in charge of careers education, Simone Gurbuz, said that the event was thoroughly enjoyable for students and that they gained real experience of working in a business environment and would now have transferable skills to help them in both GCSEs and the world of work.  She also noted that they all enjoyed the goodie bags too!