Eaton Bank Academy

School Awards Evening 2019


We have enjoyed a wonderful Awards Evening! Congratulations to all of our Award Winners and thank you to our guest Dame Sarah Storey who delivered an inspiring speech about her incredibly successful sporting career.




Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

Year 8 Emily Hopper and Douglas Gilman.
Year 9 Ruth Teagle and Oliver Taylor Jones.
Year 10 Helena Todd and Joshua Evett
Year 11 Abbie Bowden and Sam Morrey
Year 12 Connor Cassidy, Matthew Clark, James Ellston, Morgan Smith, Sam Reynolds, Luke Smith, Wian Swart, Chloe Bradley-Boffey, Summer Forward Martin, Alice Kennerley, Ayesha Lafferty, Orla Lea, Bryony Livsey, Hannah Walker, Chloe Wood.

Outstanding A2L 

Year 8 Samantha Todd and Robert McCloud
Year 9 Eleanor Newman and Lucas Jones
Year 10 Megan Norris and Lyle Galbraith
Year 11 Emily Simpson and Finn O’Gara

Outstanding Progress

Year 8 Isla Johnstone and Arran Johnstone
Year 9 Sophia Bromley and Jack McCaddon
Year 10 Nisha Davies and James Hughes
Year 11 Olivia Hilditch and Korbyn Lea-Bokelund

Faculty Awards

Art, Design & Technology: Emily Hopper, Callum Morris-Beard, Lucy Knight, Kyle Speak, Freya Longshaw, Owen Wood
English: Aaran Wilkie, Eleanor Newman, Helena Todd, Pieter Swart, Abbie Bowden, Finn O’Gara
Humanities and Social Sciences: Douglas Gilman, Megan Hughes, Rebecca Sayer, Luke Bellis, Leah Casto, Tom Smallman
Maths and Computing: Paige Galea, Robert McCloud, Helen Banks, Pieter Swart, Abbie Bowden and Sam Morrey
MFL: Samantha Todd, Ryan Moss, Nisha Davies, Lyle Galbraith, Abbie Bowden and Finn O’Gara
Performing Arts: Arran Johnstone, Rosie Beaumont, Masie Dixon, Joshua Evett, Lily Ashwoth, Sam Morrey
PE:  Lily-Mae Lowe, Callum Wain,  Keira Barry, Connall Emery Allen, Izzy Waltho, Sam Brunt,, Chloe Thomason, Adam Frost, Charlie Wilson
Science:   Abigail Priest, Arran Johnstone, Helena Todd, Pieter Swart, Abbie Bowden, Sam Morrey

Contribution & Leadership Awards
Art, Design & Technology:  Eleanor Newman, James Mills, Mollie-Mae Hodson
English: Harrison Kasperowicz
Maths & Computing: Ruth Teagle  and Arran Wilkie, Abbie Bowden, Dan Goff
MFL: Lottie Robertson-Green
Performing Arts: April Cook, Lewis Robinson and  Oliver Taylor-Jones, Molly Gilmour
PE: Jack Hilditch, Libby Greeney, Laura Mills
Science: Isla Johnstone, Jonah Vos
Humanities: Laura Mills, Sam Morrey

Pixl Edge Apprenticeship Award
Eleanor Newman, Hannah McCloud, Lily Downing, Helena Todd, Kirsty Lyne, Amy Bellis, Nisha Davies, Molly Gilmour

EPQ Project Award
Alex Claridge, Tim Vos, Finley Ward-Stevens

Thank you to our Award Sponsors – your support is much appreciated

Mr Keith Smith—Anchora Services
Mr Tim McCloud—TMC
Mr Martin Lea—
Professor David Parsons
Friends of Eaton Bank PTA
Congleton Choral Society
E3 Cube
SAS Daniels LLP
W & D Gas Heating