School News

Eaton Bank Academy students have been celebrating their GCSE results, with a fantastic 70 top grade 9’s awarded. Highlights included 90% of all pupils achieving 4 or higher in English and 75% of students securing 4 or above in Maths. There was success across the curriculum, with 18% of students receiving a 9 in Physics, 20% of students achieving a 9 in French and Chemistry, and 15% of students securing the very top grade in Biology and Art.



Top performers included Abigail Priest and Maisie Walker, who both achieved an outstanding full set of top grade 8’s and 9’s. Abigail achieved eight grade 9’s and one grade 8 and now plans to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Eaton Bank Sixth Form. She was ‘surprised but really, really pleased’ with her results and is looking forward to starting her A-levels before eventually going to University.  Maisie also secured eight grade 9’s and two grade 8’s and will now continue her passion for science, studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Eaton Bank Sixth Form.

With nine top 8 and 9 grades Sammy Todd (left) was elated with her results. She is now eager to start her A-Levels, studying Maths, Physics and Further Maths. Reflecting on her time at Eaton Bank, she said the “teachers were all awesome!”. Twin sister Lou Lou (right) was also celebrating her results with seven top grades. She also plans to study Maths, Physics and Further Maths, with the ambition to go to University and pursue a career in Nuclear Physics.

Olivia Evans (right) started her revision early and worked “really hard” throughout Year 11. Her dedication paid off with six grade 8’s and 9’s. Her choice of A-Levels are Biology, Maths and her favourite subject, History. Olivia thanked her History teacher Mr Washington saying “my History lessons were amazing – Mr Washington has been as inspiration to me”. Emily Hopper (left) was “shocked and delighted” with her four grade 9’s and five grade 8’s. She will now be joining Eaton Bank Sixth Form with future career options including becoming a vet.

Dougie Gillman also has plans to pursue a career in veterinary science. He achieved a brilliant seven 8 and 9 grades in his results and thanked “all the teachers for their support, especially through the GCSE years.”

The sky’s the limit for Lucy Chesworth, who has taken the first steps to becoming a pilot. Lucy achieved a fantastic set of results, including six grade 8’s and 9’s, and will now be studying Biology, Chemistry and PE before applying for a scholarship to become a pilot.

Mimi Cooper’s next steps are A-Levels at Eaton Bank Sixth Form. She was “really surprised” with her five 9’s and three 8’s, and will be studying Art, Photography and Media, before taking a Foundation Year in Art.

Jasmine Goodman, achieved six top grades and will be continuing her love of Humanities, studying History, Sociology and English Literature. She thoroughly enjoyed her time at Eaton Bank, with highlights including studying all the humanities subjects and taking part in Debate Club. Ethan Bush was ‘shocked, but delighted’ with his seven grade 8 and 9’s. He is now looking forward to focussing on the subjects he loves, with long term ambition to become a dentist.

Director of Sixth Form, Jade Podmore said: “Year 11 have done brilliantly, and we can’t wait to welcome the new cohort of students into the Sixth Form. The Sixth Form enables students to focus on subjects they really enjoy, develop independent study skills and take on new leadership experiences. Our new Sixth Form Centre classrooms and study areas will be ready for the new school year, offering students the best possible place to prepare them for university and future careers.”

Headteacher Ed O’Neill concluded “We are so proud of each and every one of our students. They have produced an outstanding set of results, including many students who have achieved the very top grades. Many of the year group will be staying in our Sixth Form whilst others are choosing college or starting their careers with work-based learning. We wish everyone the best in their future endeavours.”