Eaton Bank Academy

Children in Need


Eaton Bank Academy has held its best ever Children in Need fundraising day.  Multiple fundraising activities were organised by the Sixth Form and the Duke of Edinburgh team including; The Great British Bake off, Sponge the teacher, Find the Needle in the Haystack, ‘Pig’ Racing, Hilly Billy Ice cream sale, ‘One Man and His Dog’ Teacher style, and guess the number of balloons in the tractor.

One of the highlights of the day was ‘One Man and his Dog’, where Director of Sixth Form Mr Bollan and Director of Year 13, Mrs Berry bravely volunteered to dress up as the ‘dog’ and the ‘sheep’. In return for a contribution to Children in Need, students then played the role of the shepherd, directing the blindfolded ‘dog’ to herd the ‘sheep’ around an obstacle course!

Sixth Formers also had a dress down day, wearing pyjamas and onesies in return for a donation to charity.  Head Boy George Aldington commented “today has been a fantastic day of fundraising. At lunch and break time the students have taken part enthusiastically and helped raise one of our highest ever Children in Need total.”

Headteacher Mrs Webb, who volunteered for ‘sponge the teacher’, added “Our students always enjoy supporting Children in Need and the Sixth Formers have excelled themselves. Students and staff have really enjoyed the fundraising activities and are on course to raise over £1000.”