School News

Each half-term the students with the most 1s on the register in each year group receive this reward, which provides them with a voucher for a free snack and drink of their choice from the canteen at break time on Thursday.

Students can earn a ‘1’ in each of their lessons, and these are awarded for showing an outstanding attitude to learning within the lesson. The recipients of this reward have consistently demonstrated that over this half term, and we would like to congratulate them on their success. We look forward to seeing this superb attitude to learning continuing over the rest of this year.

Celebration Breakfast Winners Half-Term 6
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Ollie Faye Jasmine Annaliese Finn
Jessica Daniel Sophie Jessica W Freya
Emma Joy Jessica Millie Maizie
Elliot Theresa Michelle Charlotte Aimee
Alexander Jack Noelle Evelyn Jamie
Sophie A Faith Lucie Savannah Michael
Henry Jasleen Isabel Oliver Lyn-Marie
Freddie Fearne Lana Freddie Matilda
Renae Jacob Toby Niyah-Anais Owen
Hope Molly Thomas Lydia Lilly M
Sophie S Daisy Jodi George Leighton
Sophie D Dougie Harry A Jessica R Katie
Katie-Mae Amelia Harry M Jada Ethan
Sophie M Bethany Chloe Jake Chloe
Scarlett Trulie Gracie-Mae Sam Kade
Daisy Jessica Madison Eugene Lily D
Neesha Edie Freya Jonathan
Tyler Dmytro Alexia