Eaton Bank Academy

Celebrating Year 9 Online Learning


Year 9

Some more fantastic “Eaton Bank Academy Bake Off” cake designs. Well done to Abigail Priest and Sammy Todd for their creative designs!

Year 9 Art

Year 9 art students have started a new project based upon identity. Students have been working on the theme of drawing sweets from observation and some students have been designing the Eaton Bank Bake off cakes! Art work below by Abigail Priest, Ella Watson, Jasmine Dixon, Joseph Lloyd, Kaylee Eddy and Sammy Todd.

Here is a wonderful piece of artwork, done in Mr McNulty’s PRE lesson, by Mimi Cooper in Year 9. It’s an illustration of the ancient Greek God Kronos who is about to devour one of his children! The expression is just great.

Year 7-9 PE

Some fantastic photos of students in Years 7, 8 and 9 taking part in online PE lessons, staying active and keeping fit! Thank you to everyone who shared their photos.